The Limni Keri beach is beautiful and picturesque with the sand and pebbles, crystal clean water from the opposite Marathonissi and impressionable mountains around. At the end of the beach there is a small harbor, which host fishing boats, kaiki boats for the cruises to Marathonissi and the caves and the yachts of the visitors. You can also find some small pebble beaches which provide you privacy and calmness.
On the opposite site of Limni Keri there is an island of Marathia – Marathonissi, which decorate Lagana Bay and the form of it looks like a turtle. The nature of it is exotic, the sand is clean and the water is transparent. Despite of the two beaches there is also a very rich plantation. At the of it there are two small sea caves where you can go by small ship. The white sandy beach is a place where the ancient turtles Caretta-Caretta make their nests and lay the eggs. The guards of The National Marine Park Leave there to protect the rare spice and the eggs.

  • Distance from Zakynthos town: 15 klm (up to the beach of Keri) + 1 naval mile
  • Area: Marathonisi Island
  • Belongs to: Municipality of Lagana
  • Other nearby beaches: Keri, Marathias
  • Sun bed & Umbrellas no available for rent

Across the coast of Keri , lies the island of Marathonisi (or else called the island of Marathias), that imposingly jewels the gulf of Laganas. The island has two reefs, called Pontikonisia, that in the old times were linked to the cape of Marathias. The island has roughly one mile perimeter. The nature there is pure exotic as the island has no inhabitants. The sandy beach is spotless and the waters crystal blue.
Apart from the two beaches, with pebbles and with sand, we can admire the rich vegetation, the olive trees, the green oaks and pines, the sprouts and a lot of marathos from where the island took its name. In the north-west of the island, tall bluffs are raised. In the long gold sandy beach that unfolds like a tongue in the sea, the turtles Caretta-Caretta make their nests. The Guards of the National Marine Park, stay there on a permanent basis in order to protect the island, the turtles and their eggs.
In the steep coast with the pebbles, we admire the two small marine caves which we can visit either swimming or with the small Kaiki. You may visit the Island only during the daylight by renting a small boat from the beach of Keri, or with the Kaiki that go there every day. The island is virgin, and no shops are found there, therefore take care to carry with you water and other supplies if you intend to stay there for the day.